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The Shop

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Charlestown Furniture Makers

Charlestown Furniture Makers was established in 2012 to provide a secure, affordable, well-equipped shop space for furniture makers in Boston. Increasing real estate prices and rents along with conversion of industrial and manufacturing space to commercial and residential uses have made it increasingly difficult for small scale artisans to find suitable, affordable space in and around Boston. At Charlestown Furniture Makers, independent custom furniture makers have their individual bench space, as well as access to an extensive array of woodworking machines and equipment at a price that enables them to stay in a city location.

The building, a four-minute walk from Sullivan Square station in Charlestown, dates back to 1899. The 8,000 SF industrial zoned facility was completely renovated in 2012 with new electric, plumbing, heating, windows, skylights, and solar system. There is a 2,200 SF machine room, spray booth, separate finishing area, and space for up to 18 furniture makers. Many of the current makers are graduates of North Bennet Street School’s Furniture Making program.